Exploit to shoot through recently closed doors

Step 1. Find door
Step 2. Wait for person to open door
Step 3. Alt tab
Step 4. Shoot through door (will be open even if closed previously)

Dont get mad forum dwellers, its alpha, im reporting an exploit, if the kids want to do it i dont care, just letting it be known.

Already been posted many many times and there’s a subforum for exploits.

Thing is you cant walk through the door unless sanity check is turned off. So you can kill them and, assuming they have a spawn inside, they will respawn and get their stuff. Yeah its a little annoying but its not gamebreaking.

And of course the counterargument.

Thanks for the useless reply Dionysus"9" lol

I’m not going to claim I’m the king of useless replies, but I’m pretty good. Maybe a Lord or Duke or something. This reply, itself, being further evidence of my greatness.

how is that not gamebreaking?
Your using a exploit to kill somebody

It’s certainly not a good thing lol, I absolutely agree there, but game-breaking might be a stretch…

I guess I haven’t played enough lately to know how common it is, but I tend to expect these kinds of things on populated servers anyways. I still tend to stick to smaller, whitelisted servers.

People will adapt to problems brought forth them, that is the essence of life itself.