Exploiter not banned

Buck Sexington blew up a rockbase from a video he got from this guy. Yet in the video this guy is using an exploit.A Permanent aimer. Buck sexington calls him out so he says he wont do it again. The very next video he is still using this exploit. If the rockbase was punished why is this guy not being punished…
http://plays.tv/video/56cad569d047259a9a/exploiters- this is the video he reported.
http://plays.tv/video/56cafa6f31823c6364/my-talk-with-buck-sexington?from=user here is him talking to buck and saying he wont ddo it anymore.
http://plays.tv/video/56cafa6f31823c6364/my-talk-with-buck-sexington?from=user and here is him still using it.

It’s almost as if the bans don’t happen instantly, as has been stated approximately 578942755893457892789347589789345893489 times on this very forum.

Thats hackers. Not exploiters who already have been warned…

From what I hear the rock-base offender still has all his loot.


Offender: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bloodyblaze/

Is it a worse offense to have a blue dot obstructing your screen or have your loot unobtainable by normal means?

P.s The video in the cave was before the talk with Buck.

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F.Y.I. Anyone can unplug your mouse than plug it it back in. (Mix that with changing your mouse icon and you have an aiming-dot)

All i see is a guy using an exploit after he was already warned by a dev

All I see in this thread is a guy aka Bloodyblaze, who rebuilt his rockbase after Buck blew it up, and has been building them since Washington, crying because someone wasn’t banned for a bug thats been reported multiple times.

The irony in this thread is laughable.

I am literally just reporting what i am seeing in these video’s. I play on new york 1 also. and have witnessed both exploiters salty cries. All i see is 2 exploiters and only 1 being punished. My name is ShitOnYou on steam lol

Bloodyblaze wasn’t banned, so technically he was never punished to begin with. Although since he’s been building them since 2015, just search his name on twitter, he should of been gone along time ago -.-

Were you not talking about making a rock base in the video also? The one sided story only works for so long.This isnt an argument. I came here to state 100% facts with proof. I just want to know what the devs think

No. I wondered if it was possible to get under the map as he does, to destroy his shit, since he openly bragged in chat that buck didn’t destroy it. That doesn’t mean i ever did it, nor would i ever, unless it is to literally destroy a rockbase.

Rockbases are for baddies, always have been. I don’t see the fun in being immune (killing people from inside a rock) and being unraidable. It defeats the entire purpose of the game, let alone would kill the fun for myself and others.

Can we make leaking in-game drama a bannable offense?

I must say that i may have been exploiting but I always inform the team about my exploits and how i think they can fix them. I have always found these bugs on official servers and have never been told to stop. Remember the game is in alpa and if we don’t find and fix these now they will be in final versions. That being said i have been unable to replicate this crosshair bug making it seem like an overlay. Though just the graphic alone looks like a bugged out mouse cursor so I suppose it could be a bug.


The difference between exploit and testing for exploits is when you continue to use said exploit.

i think it’s safe to assume that buck can make decisions about which players need to be banned without your help.

it’s always looked to me that he tries to give people a chance to pull their heads in; most players don’t get banned first go unless they are total assholes. the base gets demolished, and the dipshits who immediately try and get back into the rock are the ones who get banned. the ones who learn the lesson get to keep playing.

crosshairs aren’t the same as rockbases anyway. it’s not like they actually alter the guns accuracy; you could do the same drawing a dot on the screen in marker pen.

@ player Craig7757

This isn’t exactly an aimbot, but the game doesn’t intend for the player to have a overlay crosshair; It’s a pretty big unfair advantage for all of us plebs who have to use naked sights.

Clipping through walls is bs, but you know…Glass houses.

just fix it yourself every time I run into a rock base we just wall around the entire thing with high stone walls in repair themeveryday. three layers of high stone walls … fin