Exploiting new Tool Cupboard range

On my main modded server I play on…

I’ve removed my way into a few bases now. Couple ways to do it they might fail and just not a have a cupboard on first floor (smaller bases) and u can just place your own outside and remove in. or if their foundations are high enough and they have no outside protection you can just place your own on the ground and remove a foundation and ladder inside from there.

This really should be looked at and revamped. I understand /remove isnt a vanilla thing but even in vanilla I imagine this can be exploited in some ways.

Show how it can be done in vanilla? Modding isn’t the devs’ problem. If you need /remove to do something exploitive, the problem is with /remove, not the game.

A problem that will effect vanilla is the fact that you will be able to place ladders on those slivers of build-able space where the old range of your cupboard would protect, now that you cannot place ladders on ‘owned’ space.

Since there are a lot of players on modded servers, this is good to know.

Its easy you can place your cupboard and wall it up then that bases owner cant build anymore will work on any server modded or vanilla. So with the new cupboard it allows you to greif a base now. I know it works just did it on rustopia i just walled a dudes front door off.

i hope he deserved it, or had at least been playing for a while. otherwise it’s kinda shitty and offputting to do that to new players that don’t yet know how to prevent it.

they only way you can prevent it is by placing your ground floor cupboard directly on the ground and build around it but its still limited. it really sux if you have a huge base as anyone can place a cupboard and block the owner.

Whilst your point about /remove is true and I agree with you it can be done in vanilla as this fella shows:

demolish immediate is an admin action

yea if an admin is present

I think garry was saying that a random raider in an unmodded server can’t do what the guy in the video did because the action he is using is an admin action. The whole video is a bit misleading in that regard.

no but that raider can block doors by building on the base and greifing

Well, yeah, if you don’t protect it properly, just like before the cupboard protection shape changed.

Why are ladders blocked now i feel so mounted to the ground i need to be able to climb around stuff…

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