Exploiting the game

People are duplicating items in tevery server I join, this game is no longer worth my time… fix your game

dude calm down - it’s an alpha version u know what that means?

oh no my alpha has bugs fuck you garry and the dev team everyone knows that alphas are for having a bug free experience and not testing out the game

Duping where? I just tested the newest known dupe method on my server, and it didn’t work. I thought Garry had fixed it. Unless there is a new one, that isn’t known to the public yet.

The dupe is fixed in some servers by changing the client timeout time from 2 mins to something like 5 seconds.

Other servers didn’t change that and therefore you can dupe in those servers.

The bug is fixed but in the next patch. Just wondering when they publish the new patch.

I never changed that value on my server and it didn’t work still.