Exploring Resource Mapping for Stones, Sulfur Ore, Metal Ore, Metal Fragments, HQ Metal Ore, and Crude Oil

I did a bit of code monkey business this afternoon to see if I could whip up a resource map for my server for prospecting resources on the map and I came up with this map.

I wanted to share it with everyone because it illustrates the thoughts about the Crude Oil at the bottom of the map and the HQ Metal Ore distributed throughout the map, but mainly in the north (or just more elevated than desert), as promised by the Dev Blogs.

It’s currently a huge work in progress and it might not be 100% accurate but it’s interesting to see the lay of the land illustrated like this nonetheless.


Right now it uses the Oxide mod on a separate server (as I don’t run modded on the live server, long live vanilla!), and a custom plugin that I wrote to generate the overlays when the server starts up. I’m trying to make it a little more friendly and portable so I can publish it on the plugins repository of Oxide.

Let me know what you think.

Nice work :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for this kind of information for ages, well done OP.

Unfortunately it confirms my suspicions if you want oil and HQM in the same complex; the desert is your only option.

This is very cool. Is there a guide or explanation somewhere that explains how the surveying works with regard to the resource maps? If you are right on one of the dots, for example, do you get really good resources, with the further away you are meaning you will get less per cycle? I was on a break when it was introduced and play solo so haven’t had much opportunity to try out surveying and quarry placement.

There’s all sorts of mad crazy juju going on when it comes to the resource deposits on the map. There are the different types, the quantity under the ground initially, the quantity that remains as you mine the area, and the efficiency/work required when it comes to getting it out of the ground.

With the maps I’ve generated I’ve used opacity to show the areas of oil that required the least to highest amount of work, with the brightest being the easiest to pull oil up (I’m assuming this translates to oil yield per unit of fuel, as I said, this is all a work in progress and some is speculation). When it comes to all the other resources the brighter areas are a measure of quantity available under the ground, the lighter they are the less there is.

It looks like the areas of resources or seams, have a resolution of about 20 map coordinates, whether that is meters, feet, whatever. This is why you see large squares, sometimes large rectangles on the maps rather than single pixels. Thank the higher powers for this otherwise repeating a survey charge in the same spot later would be impossible to achieve.

A survey charge won’t work if you surveyed in the last 10 seconds, further, a survey charge won’t work if you survey within 10 map coordinates (meters, feet, etc) of an existing survey crater.

That’s about all I have for now. This whole mini project was driven from frustration trying to suss things out manually with a thousand survey charges and probably an excessive intake of caffeine.

None of this information should be considered 100% accurate, however from testing it appears to be fairly accurate. I put down a charge right on a spot where there were overlapping dots and I pulled up 5 x Stone, 5 x Sulfur Ore, 5 x Metal Ore, 5 x Metal Frags, and 1 x HQ Metal Ore in the one spot.

Would you consider this a good place to set down a quarry if you’re after HQ? We just set off a charge and got 5 stone and 1 HQ but I’m holding off placing the quarry until I get a better idea about how this compares. Are there places where 3 or even 5 HQ will spawn from a charge? Or 9 stone instead of 5?

Thank you so much for this map! I haven’t been able to find anything like it yet, and it is extremely useful. Do you have any plans to make one of these resource maps for Hapisisland? (Pleeeeease! :smile:)

Any eta for a release on this fine plugin?

Great work man

I was wondering. If you wipe the map but keep the same seed, would the position of underground resources be the same?

As far as I know, looking at the code, resourcedispenser are random and the chance of having HQM or crudeoil are higher depending on the biome you’re in! If you wipe, it should’nt be the same

I don’t know what you looked in the code, but i ran multiple servers with the same size and seed, wiped them many times, and all of them had exaclty the same ressources at the same spot. i would go to a particular location on the map, put down a survey charge, and i would get the exact same ressource out of it, every time. Wipe have nothing to do with ressource distribution. Through my experiments i concluded that ressources are decided by map seed and size.

I’ve had a good opportunity to test this out. My server wiped recently, so I decided to use survey charges on my previous mining spots. The spots seemed to stay the same.
I had a HQM quarry right next to an oil pump and I was able to do this after the wipe at the same spots.

All your server with the same seed/size have the ressources at the exact same place?

I may be wrong but when I looked at the code, it was random… I may be wrong or the code have change.

Anyway I’m happy to know ressources stay at the same place!!

Resource deposit distribution is in fact random but RNG is based on the world’s seed, so it is always the same for procedural maps of the same size and seed. Would be great if there was another random factor (maybe baked into the save file on first initialization) in the future, for obvious reasons.

But well, as that isn’t so secret anymore, there is now also a Rust:IO API for it: http://playrust.io/manual/#!api.md#Resource_map

That’s a great idea, maybe as an optional config seed?

got info of any addon that uses said api dcodeIO?

Not yet, the API is new. Created it when this thread surfaced :slight_smile:

I’m glad I could inspire. :cool:

Can or is there a way to combine that with this? ( RustIO)

I can see all the loot types (and whats in it), (active)helicopters and (active) airdrop planes with it too.

Would be amazing to combine all in 1