Exploring Rust: The Vast Ocean

I hope you guys enjoy this. In this sort of “series” I just go to random spots of the map of rust and do a timelapse of me running with some music. If you want more or have any suggestions for where I should go next leave a comment. Thanks

Pretty interesting to see whats down there :wink:

Yeah quite odd

The next exploring rust video will be going from one side of the island to the other side should be pretty interesting.

Definitely worth the watch. I expect a sky exploration next.

Is it possible to build down there? could you put on god mode and actually live down there?

Did you mean to run off the edge? xD

When you actually run off the map it is just the sky that’s under it, pretty funny.

Yeah but you need god mode otherwise as soon as you hit the water you’ll die.

What do you mean?

Like you ran off the edge of the ocean bed xD

Yup that’s all I had to do :slight_smile:

how do you not die when you hit the water? If you so much as touch the water with your big toe on my server you die instantly.

he is an admin or owner of the server he is on and he used god mode.

stupid music

God mode

There was a topic showing a next island with a lighthouse far far away,you should check if the island really exist

I’ll check but since the world just falls off at one point I don’t know but I plan on doing a video where I travel to the other side of the island maybe over there, there is something.

Thanks <3