Explosion Effect in the Sky

So every once in a while some minge comes on my server and places an effect or something like that in the sky.

Here is a picture

I’ve also tried to clean up the server and nothing happens

Any help?

That looks familiar, but i dont know how you do it.

I think that it’s an effect object that someone put in the skybox. check there.

Well it seems its on a RP server…so how would they get into the skybox…

Its not in the skybox. I checked, also I tried cleaning up effects only. Nothing happened

In the Q menu, check for HL2 Effects (I think) and you should find the citadel explosion effect then a large dome with the same texture. Apparently Garry added it for un-known reasons. Most people use it as a way of giving the server a apocolypse look, mainly on gm_construct since it fits perfectly on the map, even when NOT placed in the skybox.

Usualy effects have a small “O” by which they are grabbed. It could have gone under the map floor. So try going under and looking for it!

Well I turned off effects, the limit was at 0 before this happened. Also as soon as they spawned it, there was no green circle. Because you can just turn it invisible.


Maybe if I put that effect in the banned props list. Then they might not be able to spawn it