Explosion models/effects?

I have an intresting question. Are there any explosion models, effects, or whatewer to add to gmod, aside from the one from the end of hl2 ??

Having some would be a great help for those who don’t have, or don’t know how to use photoshop.

So… Anything like that around?

Great release but you forgot the download link!

I bet 40 bucks that ain’t you on the picture

I’ll double it.
Plus mutle Wrong place to ask the question

I bet everything I have that ain’t you on your picture, Jocke ;]

Aww crap. I posted in the releases section.

Man, i watched 2-post newbies do that, but just oh.

** I apologize for posting here**, having both Releases and Requests opened can cause some problems, or whatnot.

I’m terribly sorry. But the question is still open.

Best thing ever released.