Explosion Replacement

Im not sure if this is in the right place, if it isnt, please tell me.

Request: Lately I have been browsing the explosion textures on garrysmod.org and there hasnt been many that have caught my attention, but theres a stool called “Explosive Entities” by CapsAdmin im pretty sure, and here what I am requesting is that explosion in the stool but only the explosion, for example if I shot a explosive barrel it would have the explosion from the stool.

To dumb it down : All I want is the explosion from “Explosive Entities” Stool to replace my default explosion.

Pictures : http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=showimg&v=65657_3


Have you used the EE tool?

It bases the 'splosion off a prop and gives it the trail. Essentially, it’s a trail.
Though when it hits something, that’d be nice to have that.

Yes I have used the Explosive Entities tool, and its trails? I thought it was the just a explosion texture.

Trails being what is following the ent/prop as it soars to who knows where.

Well is it possible to implement this trail into a explosion texture if im correct?

I think what you mean is explosion EFFECTS.
To replace the textures would do nothing more than to make it look a little different. The grenade’s effects are hard coded into the engine I believe.

Oh, then I mean effects. My question still goes unanswered though…