Explosion Ringing Sound?

In order to do what I want to do I need to know how to access that sound, via something like “Object.Category.Sound” OR “effects/damage_explosion.wav”
If you’re unclear what I’m referring to, I’m talking about the ear ringing sound. I’ve searched left and right for it, up and down, but haven’t found it no matter how hard I’ve searched.

If you could please be so kind as to help me out here it would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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I would say I’ve searched far and wide, but I’ve only googled facepunch, googled the internet in general, and searched as many possible relevant words as I could on Hammer.

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Eh I guess I can just use blast damage, but I prefer not to… that might put more work on me later.

There’s no such sound files, it is generated by engine. You can use Player:SetDSP( 35, false ) ( or was it 36 or 37? ) to make fixed length effect.

In addition to what Robot has posted: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Player/SetDSP

“DSP. A wide range of stackable preset DSP filters includes reverb, chorus, ADSR envelope, low-frequency oscillation (LFO), and low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass filters. Custom or preset DSP effects can be triggered in-game based on environmental geometry.”

"In the context of Half-Life 2, DSP, or Digital Signal Processor, refers to the audio effects such as echoes, reverberation and similar which can be applied to currently playing sounds. DSP effects are automatically handled depending on the materials around the player, and can be overridden with soundscapes (env_soundscape). "

I can’t actually find the list of sound-effects which can be used. 35 and 36 I tried, both do the tinnitus sound.

That is actually VERY useful! Thank you, but for curiosity’s sake, is there any way I can apply an effect permanently? For instance, maybe I wanted players with combine models to hear sound like it came from a machine, like a loud speaker, or what have you. Is there any way I can apply that effect permanently?

Since it’s supposed to be applied to sounds, you may be able to play a sound from a location which loops; and apply the DSP to it. But, I’m not sure. I’ll try running a few tests.

I withdraw the question, apparently 15 doesn’t fade out.