Explosion Scene Contest

Okay, so here is a quick rundown of what to do.

  1. Create a picture of anything exploding, basically any explosion anywhere.

  2. Post it here.

Now the rules:
**1. Use any kind of models.
2. Editing is allowed
3.Don’t post pictures of an explosion about to happen, post it HAPPENING.
4. Must be finished in one week from now.

Myself and two other people will be judging the picture by the best quality, most details, and the one that you can understand what is going on.

This doesn’t have to be colorful, you can make it black and white for all I care, just make it good.

The winner will receive an exclusive pack of Adv. Duplicator models, which will only be up for a cirtian time, so that one user who won can get them.**

So, get started.



The contest subject is…interesting… but Jesus Christ, you expect people to make quality work in two days?!

Also, it isn’t a great idea to name people who you expect will do good, it will discourage people.

I swear, people make these contests without proper knowledge of how to make them. That’s one of the reasons why Whitefolks is dominating the contests, because his are very professional.

lololol, chesty likes big penises





All Vman has to do is post one of his explosions and it’s over.

There, I win. Contest over.

We have a Winrar, ladies and gentlemen.

There it is one week from now :smiley:


Here’s my crappy entry.

Hmmm… technically, you never said you can’t enter old work :rolleyes:

I might just re-enter one of my awesome pics…

(This is why you think through your rules)

You didnt say I was good, so I’m not good enough to enter this :emo:

Doesn’t seem the worthiness.

Well I entered anyway, hope I win :D:D:D


Speaking of which, what exactly are these “Adv. Dup models” that we are working for? I wouldn’t enter a contest without knowing the prize.

Oh fuck, that’s beautiful. Contest is done, hairy wins.

I hope its those KIRBY dupes!


I made one more, I can’t loose!


Smells Like Sarcasm in here! =D Its funny, and very entertaining! =D

No, I didn’t and I did that intentionally. It dowsn’t matter if it was 5 years before, just post what picture you want.

So when do I win?

Oh you’re good. I have seen many of your pictures and they are great.


Hope you like them!

1st Place - 10 pre-posed hl2 people, 5 hl2 car modifications, and 5 LUA sweps + Gold Medal

2nd place - 3 Pre-posed hl2 people, 1 HL2 car modification, 2 LUA sweps + Silver Medal

3rd place - 1 pre-posed hl2 people, 1 LUA swep

Do those sound good? Or should I shake em’ up a bit?


In one week and well, if you put work in this im sure you can win! Not in a bad way

Go! Get started!


Oh my god. That picture is EPIC! I have never seen such cool explosion effects, and the girl is way awesome considering her expression is blank while dynamite is exploding in her hand :open_mouth:


Hmm. Not bad, not bad at all! Cirtianly not crappy, since everyone isn’t being serious and are posting crap sarcasm post, you might just get 1st prize! :smiley:

Pre posed HL2 people? I sure hope you aren’t the one posing them. Because what I have seen of your posing is pretty awful.

Besides, If someone was to win this contest, that means they are good posers, and therefore have no need for pre posed people! Your logic is rather flawed.

In honor of yesterday’s shuttle launch: