Explosion sound missing and random transparent models

So, I’ve got 2 problems:

  1. The explosion sound is missing. I only hear the shrapnel sound, not the explosion itself. This is very annoying. (only the grenade has an explosion sound, but it’s from CS:S)
  2. Some models are transparent. It’s really weird, some models just show up see through and some show up fine. But it’s not just a normal transparency by blending into the background color, this transparency uses dithering, one pixel is 0% see through, the next one 100%, the next one 0%, ect… How would I fix these problems, without reinstalling Gmod?

Is there really nobody who knows a solution to these problems? I know that the obvious thing to do is reinstall Gmod, but I don’t wanna lose all the custom stuff I have…

For trancparency, do you have an Nvidea card? If so, I can help.

Go to the card settings, click manage 3d settings, find altialiasing transparency, and turn it off.

I am having the exact same problem with the explosion sounds. I reinstalled gmod and that didn’t even work.

I’ve got to bump this. This glitch is really starting to piss me off.

Try downloading a custom explosion sound. As for the second glitch, I have no idea.

Yeah, I did. Nothing.

Just to make sure, I think this is what his (and my) problem is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5HPZO1HV14

Having the transparency issue, not the grenade.

i know it sucks bumping an old-ish thread but try uninstalling the “Drunken Master” Addon.
If you don’t have it yet you still have the problem (like me) try re-installing your GMod.
Though re-installing won’t do anything if you’re on a Vista computer.
P.S. I haven’t solved this glitch either.
If you find a way, please PM me.

Have you got latest graphics drivers?