Explosion Sound

Recently, i did nothing for the past 3 weeks to my Garrysmod. I had planted some dynamite and noticed that the sounds sound like bones smacking together,so what i decided to do was re-download a replacement for my explosion sounds…

IT’S STILL HAPPENING, so i go and check my autorun/client



Ok. I don’t see a question so I assume you don’t need help

Dont be ignorant. He doesnt have to clearly state a question. Man, cmon, this guy needs help. Dont give him shit for it

To Playelite: Not every problem is going to be in a question.

To Moja: Some problems can be fixed by uninstalling and then reinsalling Gmod(Great for getting rid of lua Virus) Or find the file of the dynomite explsion sound and see if its there. Consult with wikigmod site for all standard Gmod sounds.