Explosion Test - Testing for feedbacks.

Tell me what you think. This isn’t a pose, it’s just to get some feedbacks on the editing for future poses.

I think there is still something missing, but don’t know what. Could be the way it “interacts” with the ground so it doesn’t look copy-pasted? IDK.

awesome. is that IED?

The depth of field is not very convincing.

Well dayumn.

The fireball doesn’t really fit though.

I’m liking it.


I like this.

its badly blended where it meets the ground and almost none of the lighting matches up but its obvious you put effort into it so that means there is potential keep practicing.

A little bit more glow on the fireball would probably help.

only the ground parts with the smoke seems to look real and fitting, but the fireballs just look out of place for some reason, either its lacking any lighting to cast on the area or just randomly pasted on

tutorial pls?

Use the techniques in the tutorial VMan wrote, that’s how this guy got good. Experimentation, ever heard of it?

Yeah, I’m aware of the bad blending between both the base smoke to the ground and the fireball to the whole image. I’ve gotten stuck on both trying to figure out how to work this, but couldn’t find an answer. I indeed felt something was out of place.

Any help on blending it into the image better? COUGH Vman? COUGH

Looks pretty damn awesome.

Good effort, you’ve really got the talent, you just need to tweak a few things.

To get the explosion to mesh better with the ground, add a layer of dirt getting kicked out horozontally at the base from the shockwave. The lighting on the dirt clouds is a bit too high contrast and bright, and doesn’t quite match up the color of the fireball. Most of the smaller dirt and debris getting flung out looks good, you could add some smaller particles too, however.

Keep working on it! You’ve got a knack for this stuff!

Hell yeah - I also thought of the dust/smoke pumping in the lower ‘base’ of the explosion to better blend it in with the environment. I’ve let myself lose a little with the dirt clouds being all red and bright, as I figured they’d be illuminated due to the fire ball. Will consider advice next time. Smaller dirt and debris are indeed a bit too ‘concentrated’. Gonna lower opacity or saturation, or add brightness. Will work on it later on.

Thanks for the advice bro.

It’s pretty obviously a photo, so it doesn’t really fit into the picture, but you did a good job sticking it in there (except for the bed of the truck).

Very nice

I like it

I think the picture would look nicer if it had more color, though.