Explosions don't make damage

hi. something wrong happned to my gmod. explosions don’t make me damage. is there any way to fix that?

First, learn to speak English.

Second, is your God-mode turned on?

“explosionds” :buddy:

God mode on? buddha? anything like that? try spawning an NPC see if the explosion kills it.

The title of this thread was misleading…

Grammar nazi’s :smiley: You must have added some kind of god-mode… Try looking through your Gmod files, if you find anything suspicius, kill it!

where exactly is it written that here in facepunch it´s necessary to speak english?

It’s an Englsh speaking forum, hence, you should only speak English. This was also on the rules list before it got removed.

Moved this thread to Gmod Discussion instead.

All the old people remember smartness.

the god mode is turned off. i tried Everything. i was also playing on a server, and i was smashing explosive barrels with the crowbar, and i just din’t get killed. the god mode was off. and i only got killed by getting hit by a toilet and stuff. but the barrel explosion didn’t seem to work. sorry for my bad writing guys :smiley:

im not so stupid to try to kill my self with god mode on, duhhhhh xD