Explosions don't render?

I have a section of my map where something explodes. The sounds are heard, the force is felt, and the physics objects move fine, but one problem. The explosion sprite doesn’t show up. No errors whatsoever in the compile log. Any idea why this is?

did you check the flags?

Yes, everything is unchecked.

You’re using env_explosion right?


If you under any circumstances hear a loud noise or feel a pressurewave against your flesh and bones, you are simple experiencing a rare reaction in which the map compiler have emancipated your eyes. This is most likely temporary but if you do feel this is terrifying, please lay on your back and wait it out.

However, if you don’t hear a loud noise or feel a pressurewave against your flesh and bones, you should probably go see a testing associate to make you feel better.

I’ve experienced this issue only once and it was where I had already spawned too many particles (Don’t know what the limit is, my particle knowledge is rather limited ironically). You haven’t got any other ents spawning large amounts particles like func_dustlouds (mat_wireframe can make some particles like heatwave particles easier to spot)? info_particle_system spawned particles don’t appear count towards this ‘limit’. It’s a longshot but it’s worth checking.

Oh, I see. Is there a way to view the particle limit and see how many are in your map currently?

Not off the top of my head, but ‘+showbudget’ might give you an idea. If I’m completely stumped, I just fly around my map in ‘mat_wireframe 1’ and fly around looking for large amounts of particles (2d Squares coloured a browney-red iirc) - normally as a last resort.

Or you can just look for the particle related ents in Hammer - which is easier.

Does the explosion occur in an indoor setting? That happens sometimes where if the explosion is in a tight spot, it won’t render because of the space…

I used to have this problem but then I stopped using excessive amounts of dustmotes and suddenly explosions started working properly.

Probably a particle limit of some sort.

Yes, it’s indoor and in a somewhat tight space(about the width and height of a door). But it used to work great. I’ll just decrease dustmotes.