Explosive Artillery Shell

Well I’ve been playing this mod recently that cross’s MW2 and BF2. Anyway you get commander powers like artillery and weapon drops and when you fire the artillery it spawns explosive barrels on fire repeatedly at the target, this can become laggy when both teams commanders are firing them at once. I suspect it may have something to do with the gib’s created.

So I request that somebody may make me a model that looks sort of like this:


And if somebody does make it could you make it have the same explosive properties as the explosive barrel but make it have no gib’s and it just explodes and disappears.

If somebody makes It can be dev textures I don’t mind.


It would need to be working in CS:S as well, so no lua :3


I’ll buy whoever does this a game from the $10 section on steam store, probably KOTOR if you want it :smiley:

Okay, I’ve made a simple looking model that looks like what you’ve requested. It’s got the same properties as the explosive barrel, and it’s only about 50 polygons. No gibbing so it just explodes and vanishes. The only thing I’m not sure about is if you plan on using the model as an explosive barrel replacement, or if the explosive barrel model comes inside the mod. So post a reply so I can upload the right one; for now enjoy a screenshot of the simple thing.


basically we needed a model that looks like an artillery shell but explodes like the barrel, except without gibbing. So no not a replacement for the barrel, the script just spawns the model in the air above where the commander set and sets it alight automatically, ty btw

Okay if all you need is the model, then here you go.

It’s placed inside an addon so if anyone using Garry’s Mod wants to download it. Just use the models and materials that are inside their respective folders and it should work for you. Reply if any problems arise.