Explosive barrel quesntion

Hi there. i was playing Online and i saw a guy that builded a tower of explosive barrels in just seconds. ive tried stacking them up and everything but its not working. he refused to tell me how he did it. how do i do it?

Probably with Advanced Duplicator.

How do i use that? i know i have it

Make a contraption, select it with the ADV. duplicator and save it.
Then you can later select it from the menu and paste it anywhere.

Well do i have to make it myself?


But thats IMPOSSIBLE to stack them. and when i save them only 1 gets saved

It could be possible that he used the stacker tool, too.
When he made the tower, was there a semi transparent “ghost” of the tower?
Or did he point at one barrel, click, and spawn a the whole thing?

Oh yeah, if you want more than one barrel to to be duped, it needs to be “constrained” to another. i.e Welded or nocollided, roped, etc.

hmmm i think there was a ghost thing but im not quite shure. the tower just said BAM and there was the highest tower ive ever seend. Stacker tool whats that?


  1. stack them on top of each other. (use original duplicator tool, it’s useful)
  2. Weld them all together (Important, so that they will save all together)
  3. Save them with Advanced Duplicator

He would have use stacker tool



Made the link clickable.

And yes my guess is the stacker tool.

Edit: Advanced Stacker?? That’s new.