Explosive Blue Print drops very common.

After looting the Radtowns a lot I have noticed that the Explosive Charge is a lot more common than a lot of other blue prints and my mate confirmed he experienced the same drop rate for it compared to others.

Can anyone confirm this.

Also since the last patch I have found C4 itself in loot containers more often also. Maybe I’m just lucky, but no one should be able to find it see easily.

This item should rare and not easily found IMO.

Agreed. Can’t say i ever found a c4 in a loot container, though.

easy to find, but hard to find explosive blueprint to make it, so balanced.

You can find c4 in loot containers, i’ve found about 3 with not very much farming.

Ya they are way too easy to find, I and 4 friends have found plenty of each.

I would propose that No Blueprints be allowed, as a spawned item.

Additionally, I strongly recommend that to craft “Blueprints” someone should have to “Reverse Engineer” 3 or more of a given item to learn properly how it’s made. Based on complexity of course.

I mean a complete set of technical schematics for an item is very valuable.

Perhaps an over the top suggestion is that you need these plans for construction. As a non-consumable tool.

Currently, once a once a person “knows” everything. They have nothing to lose knowledge wise.

You need to get an airdrop for explosive for research so the charge blueprint itself is not worth anythin

You mean have research mechanics function like this? https://trello.com/c/0uKYbycD/169-modify-researching-to-extend-gameplay


I think no blueprints should ever drop and that every meaningful item should have multiple parts you need that you have to take items apart to learn the multiple parts and how to make them.

I had every recipe in the game except bolt action within 6 hours of server wipe on official server.

Wait… are you finding the explosives blueprint or the Explosive charge blueprint?
Last I checked, explosives are exclusively from airdrops, and are required to make explosive charges.

Unless you’ve learned the recipe to make explosives, explosive charge recipies aren’t that valuable.