Explosive charge on wall


Would like to check if explosive charges can be placed on wooden walls directly?
Meaning that they can ignore my front metal door and come in from the side by blasting the wooden walls.
Or even climb to the top and enter from there?

Wooden walls can be destroyed. Depending on the amount of decay it can take 1-2 charges. The best way to protect you stuff is building layers of walls and doors that they have to blow through in order to get to your stuff.

Yes they can be placed directly to the wall it takes 2 c4 to blow it down. Ive seen some cases where it only took one. Someone can also just build stairs and climb to the top of your house if you dont have a roof.

Yes, it takes 1-2 charges to blow a wooden wall. Generally 1 if placed right. It takes 2-3 for metal wall, again only 2 if placed right and not placed on reinforced side.

Thanks all

Btw, are there any auto increase key of quantity? Instead of clicking 500 times for 500 quantity?

hold shift and click + to go up by 10 (i think) and hold ctrl and click + to get max or vise versa

Thanks, am still a newbie so have some questions.

  1. Been killing many zombies and looting radiation spots but no sight of M4 blueprint or anything. Where do I get those?
  2. I have alot of sulphur and charcoal but I find it a waste to build ammo with gunpowder cuz of metal fragments. What do you all do with all the gunpowder??


gunpowder mainly used to make explosives or if you haven’t learned that yet for f1 grenades. also it takes 1-2 charges for a walls or around 10-12 grenades.

I found a explosive charge from the plane loot but not the explosive itself.
If I research on the charge only, I still need to hunt for the explosive and research it before I can build it correct?

That is true, you need 15 Explosives as well as some other mats to craft one Explosive Charge. Explosives can only be found in airdrops too. So if you happen to get one you need to research it.

Thanks, anyone know about how to get the m4?

Zombies or rad towns its in there somewhere

Maybe im wrong but unless it has changed wooden walls take 4xc4 and metal doors take 2xc4, otherwise what would be the point of blowing doors over walls? The idea is that you weigh up your doors vs walls before you enter a house, either go directly in to 1 room via a wall or risk going through multiple doors in a corridor to access more rooms but they may not be the loot rooms…

This is good info, I hope it is true.

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I kill too many zombies to know that it just does not drop…

Im pretty certain im correct, again unless it changed without the devs mentioning it, those are the correct numbers (7xc4 for metal walls also). Decay does come in to play and you can tell by the coloring of the wall, darker hues are more decayed (hack at a wooden door and watch it change color as it becomes more damaged so you can learn the different levels of condition)

This is incorrect. I’ve conducted many tests and even have some videos within this forum post to prove that it takes limited amount of C4 to blow through Wood or Metal walls.

1-2 for Wood Walls
2 for Metal Walls

I agree, it seems rather pointless when all it takes is 1-2 C4 to get through to your base. But it is also my understanding that the development team is working on better was to defend your base.

If you place a c4 DIRECTLY in the middle of a wooden wall it only takes 1 charge. If I remember correctly, I saw a post explaining this. Apparently one c4 in the center of a wall essentially does the damage of 2 explosive charges, or something along those lines.

But anyway, if you place explosive charges well enough they will destroy a wall in one blow. Which is why people tend to build stairs up to a base and just blow down the walls instead of wasting 2 c4 on a door.

Holy they can drop from zombies but on a very low % chance. The best place to find it is inside rad towns, the higher the radiation levels, the better the chance to find rarer items. Weapon creates are silver, brown wooden boxes are random items like flares, metal frags, small amounts of ammo etc, red are ammo creates, green are medical supplies.

u can also find rad suits in green boxes :eng101:

For metal walls if you build them with reinforced part on the outside it takes like 4-5 C4 to blow it.