Explosive Charge (Setting a time limit to place each Charge?)

Hello guys, Just made a fortress with 15 or so wooden doors and 10 metal doors. I had a bunch of 5 players raid me and each door was being destroyed at a rate of 3 seconds each. This gave me barely enough time to see what i was up against let alone get any gear on. I set up a series of trap doors to slow them down and to hopefully get a few shots off, but even that was to late…

In my opinion, I believe there should be a 2-5 second animation of the player setting the charge and perhaps a longer fuse. This will slow the raiding process down some what and will prevent players from placing charges rapidly one after the other and give people a chance to defend their keep.

Not sure if the blast radius does damage to players and i hate the fact it takes hours and hours to build your keep and only a matter of seconds to loose it.
( Please let me know your views on this topic and vote Thanks)

I fully agree with this. Had that happen to a base of mine as well. The thing is… If you put too long of a timer on the chargers, PLUS and animation to them, the person being raided could just repair spam a door…

Raids aren’t there to be an even match. Those players worked to get ready to raid you. If you added a time limit, people would just sit there repairing all day.

Add a repair time limit; everyone wins.

Yes… I like this. Not a -long- one… But one enough that repairing in combat is silly.

So in order for this to happen, we need to have something in place to prevent people from spam repairing the doors. (If we slow the planting process etc)
Perhaps slow down the repair rate. (So then it’s not to over powered for raiders)

I think we need to keep it an even playing field, we need to try and maintain a healthy balance between Defending/raiding. But right as of now i see Raiding as way over powered especially 1 vs 5.

If you your wonder why people combat log 95% of the time, Try think of it from their point of view most the time they are either out numbered greatly, or don’t even have enough time to grab a gun and get gear on. Because they know if they try and defend and die, raiders can make it to their loot room in a matter of seconds before they re spawn back. Not to mention half the time you can’t defend…

The raiding process is simply to quick IMO :wink: Good discussion

Well of course they’ve worked to get the resources to raid, what about the home owners? They’ve worked just as hard to build the house and if for example a team (let’s take Teig’s for example) of 20+ come, it’s ridiculously out numbered and you stand little to no chance. Being in groups is fun and helps you out but when there are groups that triple your numbers, things get a bit unfair.

If this was real C4, the building wouldn’t even be left. Only a smoking crater filled with your charred remnants would remain.

Your post makes no sense. Raiding is overpowered because you shouldn’t be living by yourself, or at least you should get out of the way and far away from others if you’re going solo (bad idea in general). If you want to even the odds, get more people. The game is pretty balanced as is, and will be amazing when traps/turrets are out. Another thing is, you should have your gun and armor on at all times, there is no handicap for doing so. If your base is going to be terribly structured, then you will lose pretty easily.

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Then fight back by getting better or getting a bigger group. Don’t whine that you’re antisocial.

Parrot i guess you might have to consider no everyone has a group of 3-20 players they can rely on to to help protect their own structures. Not to mention merely getting “Out of the way” simply doesn’t cut it. They will find you :wink:
My point is if you think a destroying 20 doors in 60sec is balanced then i think there is something deeply wrong with your reasoning. (Regardless armor off or on it doesn’t matter) you simply can’t defend a large structure with that speed of raiding power.

Its not always so easy to group up with people… Ir perhaps they offline at the time of the raid? Its not so black and white. Personally, Im a solo player. I like it like that… But its fun to think of building designs to delay or outright stop a raid. Personally, other than a slower charge set time… perhaps we can settle with only being able to set one charge at a time? (Or is that already like that? Never have set a charge yet.)

It’s pretty difficult to team up when you can only seem to find players who want to use you for target practice.

MMm let’s think i build a great many of traps Eg pit falls, bottle necks and one way entrances.
But when it takes 5 second to knock down a metal door whats the point of having an intricate design only to be walked through in a matter of seconds.

Because you have multiple entries, and only one of them is right? And said pits can’t be built out of or sealed off with a ceiling. The solution to the problem is that firstly, if you play solo you have to stay under the radar. I’ve survived this long because my house is a sealed off 2x1 in the middle of what appears to be a random structure that’s been raided and griefed. Secondly, plan and build with the expectation that you will get raided and griefed - your loot should be as difficult to get to from the ground as it is from the side or top (via siege tower). Your house, seen from the outside, should give no clear indication of a main entry - have several, and make sure you can enter any and get to the real entrance out of sight. Camp fires should be in a 1x1 that acts as both a distraction and bait. Also, resist the urge to have a rooftop lookout - that’s exactly how people will get in.

You can’t make an ungriefable or unraidable house, but you can make them confusing death traps that simply aren’t worth the charges.

This. This sums it up pretty well. Also try to keep your build times for said base during the night time hours… and try to build as much as possible in one go. If you live near an area that people tend to pass by, they may notice little by little that something is being built in ‘their’ area. Once you spike someone’s curiosity, that’s pretty much it.

Well said, but in my case it’s hard to lay under the radar when you have a 4 story 2x6 complex and your known for knocking off a few bambi killers. I have simply become a threat and will be raided on a daily basis. My design is great imo but at the end of the day it only a matter of 1m min or 2 max to make it to the top, through all my doors and defenses. I guess that is my point, the raiding process has to be slowed down.