explosive charges

ok so here it is.

explosive charges should be removed OR
less powerfull OR
muuuuch harder to obtain (much much harder)


as the game stands, i have 4 players freinds, who brought this game and 2 who was playing on alpha keys before.

they have all left except me, i asked why?

“a hybrid craft/survival game should not be made so that in 1hr 30mins you can gain enough resources to destroy someones craft.”

well…i have to agree… :frowning:

compare this game to minecraft? no your wrong, it isnt!
compare this game to dayz, no your wrong it isnt!

its a new hybrid game, hybrids need 1 core function, balance between the 2 component parts, survival and crafting.

As it is, i can collect rescources , method i use is caveman style, strip all gear simply have 2 food, a hatchet and maybe a bow and arrow for wolfs. then proceed to farm, if an m4 bandit blows your head off, fine, re-spawn and do again, you havent really lost anyhting.

now a player can do this over and over and boom congrats you can finally build a decent home? why? because the other half is crafting.

however the fact that explosive charges only take 2 for metal doors and can be easly obtained (waaay to easy) is plain broken.

after hrs of investment, your fort will be nuked from players who only invested 30mins-1hr time obtaining charges.

I feel this game needs a way to either boost defenses (pretty happy with how they are) or nerf attack items, maybe guns but definitely explosives!

also, yanks get on your own server and stop night raiding EU servers…its just low lol!!!

would you guys like to see something done ? not bothered? yes but not the methods ive stated?

Dude what? Who gets C4 in 1:30 played time? We have the charge recepie but 0 explosives and we havent found a way of making it. Were 6 people whos been playing pretty much all the time for 3-4 days now.

It’s actually harder than it sounds to get explosive charges. You don’t just craft them and go blow shit up you have to get the resources for it. The raiders are doing about as much work building the charges to the amount of work you put into your house.

Dude no. Thats a good way of defending your work. If you have the recepie you can craft C4 too cheap I agree about that.

But getting to having C4 is a pain in itself.

If you’re 6 people and haven’t found c4 or explosives in 3 days there is no hope for a group like yours.

That’s funny… I find that making metal doors is too easy. I play in a server where the guys have a 20+ story building with 20+ doors, which means we would have to get 40 charges. 5 of us were farming for about 2 hours and we were able to make 4 charges.

That’s quite hard…

i had 2 drops of a 2 zombies in the space of 30 mins, i wasnt even farming for them, and getting explosives is pretty easy, and blueprinting them, far to cheap to make, then spam res and keep making, 1hr 30mins is a min time for someone to obtain 6 charges, bare minimum for a simple 3 metal door complex. 2 people its more, 5 bandits its stupidly high. as i said, its just to easy to get them and working as a grp as everyone should aim to do (bandit or freindly) makes the task snoring mode. I would like to see a change that makes it far tougher, I dont really wanto see better defense as i think its fine as it is, but charges should take days not hrs and force bandits to be selective on raiding, thus improving new spawns progression.
I want to see more players getting to kevlar/m4/fort than 2 grps that dominate and halt a servers progression, you really think that helps the game?

Nice way of being a douchebag. Its hard to see why your friends dont want to play with an individual as pleasant as yourself.

Also. We have C4, we can craft C4, we just cant craft the EXPLOSIVES that you need to make C4 thats only obtainable by airdrops guarded by 5-10 Kevlarwearing guys just yet, since were focusing on getting secure housing and finding a server we enjoy.
And since we enjoy the difficulty offered to us by this, and were growing in power every day instead of whining on the forums, this is a good thing.


“Explosives may only be obtained from a Air supply drop. They may then be researched to allow to be crafted. No blue print exists for explosives but it can be researched with a research kit.”

“20 Gunpowder, 2 Low grade fuel and 5 Sulfur” i think. how is that not stupidly easy to make…

yup you cant get a blue print for it, but once obtained you can research it and craft, only takes one and your on your way (why do i feel ive just helped a bandit grp…lol)

I know how to obtain explosives, which is why I wrote in my message “we just cant craft the EXPLOSIVES that you need to make C4 thats only obtainable by airdrops guarded by 5-10 Kevlarwearing guys just yet”

Do you really think telling me what materials I need will help me? Do you think telling me I can research it (which if you read my previous post, I already said by telling you we cant craft it YET)? And what on EARTH made you think we were a bandit group?

You know why people play with me? Because I’m not a retarded noob like yourself and I could single handedly take on your whole group with a fucking rock, dickhead.

Now that’s being a douche.

I didnt but others reading maybe bandits…chillax.

and yes you need airdrops, but really you cant get your hands on one? i got mine while a cloth guy tryed to get to an airdrop, he fired and arrow and ran, the two kevlar guys that were going to loot ran a little to shoot him, i swooped in and took what i could, then legged it to my fort, learned it and boom…to easy

I think the population on your server differs from mine. On the times I play I havent seen a single airdrop (tested quite a few ones now) not being a field of slaughter by M4 guys. I protected my brother and killed 3 people yesterday when we got an airdrop, it was an ammo one so no explosives.

It’s rather easy to find C4 within 1 hr 30 mins. The hard thing is getting the explosives themselves.

unlucky :(, my pop is 100/100 was a new server 2 days ago!!! man they fill fast.

but yeh get your mate or brother to go naked trolling with a bow, they will soon chase, and drops on my server happen every ingame day, very frequent.

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yeh if m4 bandits are guarding you need some clever tactics but still you only need one! and your well on your way to nonstop blow everything in creation

here is an example

after like 3 hours of playing we got 4 charges from supply drop.here where we ended up with them.