Explosive Crossbow from BO Trailer

Well, those of you who have seen the Call of Duty:Black Ops Trailer will have recognized that theres a crossbow, wich is sighted, has a laser attachment and seems to fire timed sticky explosives. Would be awesome if someone could modify the HL2 crossbow to

  1. actually have a scope when rightclicking
  2. fire explosives, even better if they stick to enemies and are timed
  3. maybe even have a laser point aim.
  4. and have a sprint-put down thingie like real hl2 sweps or mad cows weapons.

I guess i have to ask in a different forum for a snow camo reskin.

And, the said video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfRh-Q38jM8
its at about 1:02.

I would like this too.

This is the slowest forum on facepunch aint it.