Explosive entities stool for Gmod 13 beta

Anyone can make this awesome addon compatible with GarrysMod 13 Beta?:

I don’t know who is the autor of this, but if anyone can edit this for the garrysmod 13 would be great.
Thanks in advance.

Why do you want it compatible with the beta?

Because i love this addon and i would play with this in garrysmod 13…

You know we’re out of the beta right? And there’s no Gmod 12/10 anymore.

I know i have Garrysmod 13 Beta, and?
Only i question this because i tried to install this addon in the addon folder of garrysmod 13, renaming info.txt by addon.txt, but don’t work, and only i question if there’s anyone who can edit the addon for what works in gmod 13.

I made this tool. It was one of the first things scripts I ever released for gmod I think and the code is horrible. This was just before garrysmod.org.

I already have a remake but without the stool. I’m currently making the tool part of it to release it on workshop.

Many thanks CapsAdmin, really, i appreciated this.
I love you and your addons.
I subscribe to you.
Best regards.