Explosive Pack Blast radius

These things are comical sometimes. Tried to blow up a wooden wall. Placed one dead center, didnt blow. Placed another, dead center, the door frame in the adjacent panel blew, destroying the metal door mounted in it also. but the first wall still stood. Im thinking either there is some mechanic that makes some walls harder to blow up like the two sides on a metal wall, or the hit register is way off

Possible that there were items such as furnace/chests etc behind that wall, they help absorb damage, hence damage was displaced to adjacent wall?

This has happened to me before. I literally placed a X2 C4 on a wall, and ended up blowing the opposite wall on the back of the building, when I placed it on the front.

I basically damaged one wall to point of being super dark (IE: Very low HP), and blew another wall totally. I did notice there was a large storage crate behind the wall I wanted to blow, but that’s all.

C4 has been bugged to shit since the last update, some walls don’t get damaged at all, some walls to the side of the wall that you are trying to blow get blown up instead. I would say that the explosion radius is off by one wall length or something except sometimes it works normally.

I believe there is a radius DMG on the C4.

I also believe the more shit you have behind a wall

the harder it is to blow the wall up.

just from experience, not facts.

We need a server admin with a vanilla install to tests this methodically, trivial if you gift a player with a whack ‘o’ C4 and build items.

If this is the case, then to better defend wood walls just layer up the back side with boxes/furnaces what have you. ill see if our server admin can do some tests later tonight to see if this does infact make a difference. If so, its great information if you can avoid walls with overlapping objects.

ive also seen a wall get blown up having 3 players sleeping right next to it and they didnt take damage. not sure what that means or im expecting the damage radius to extend past the wall