Explosive Vest Armed by movement

Imagine you wake up, stand up, and start hearing a beeping noise. You suddenly realize you only have 3 minutes to live. Someone has equipped you with a timer explosive vest in your sleep. Do you run back to your house and try to disarm it at your repair bench? Do you accept your fate? 2 minutes. Maybe you can make it you start running. Beep beep beep. They’re coming faster now. Everyone can hear it. They all know what’s coming. Everyone scatters. 1 minute. You decide at the last minute that you’re not going to make it, but at least you’ll be useful. You make a dash for an enemy fortress. They can hear you coming. They shoot you … repeatedly. It does very little damage since the vest is kevlar. 30 seconds. Round after round making you flinch. 15. you’re climbing to the most vulnerable part of the SOB’s house that you just KNOW did this to you. 5. Blackness overtakes you. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. He kills you. finally death’s sweet release. but it’s too late the last thing you did was place yourself by his front door. The others will be there soon to finish the job. At least your death will be useful.

is this an idea? or what, or are you just saying what you would do if it happened

Is this a pitch for a suggestion you have? Or do you just like making stories?

It’s a pitch for a new item. Would be a little cheaper than c4, but would require the ULTIMATE sacrifice.

Al Qaeda in RUST?

It would need a different way of it being applied. you do that, I put my items in the bag and I just got myself a free C4, I run to some random base and blow one of its walls up(or at least half of it if it’s armored) OR I just run out of my base into some safe place, blow up, go recover my stuff(if let’s say you can’t leave the items if u have that strapped on)
Saw the idea mentioned before in legacy, maybe one day they will add some way to blow yourself up, it would be fun tbh :smiley: to have some hidden grenade in your hand go to someone and blow up next to him. I’m sure it would make a lot of people laugh.

I forsee that it blows you up so completely that you can’t respawn for a long time. Thereby making your stuff unrecoverable. and the idea is that it’s a vest, wearable, and that you can apply it yourself or to others, and is only armed once you start moving. Thereby placeable on a sleeper. Only upon his waking up and moving does he realized he’s been booby trapped. Additionally it can be cheaper than C4 so if you have a good supply of newmen you can make them into a suicide bomber force to take down a heavily fortified position. Think of the dread felt by a king in his castle when all he hears coming from the distance is beeb (beep) beeeeeeep (beepbeepbeep). Terrifying.