Explosives Expert + Extra


awesome. you make the best tf2 poses.

You definitely haven’t seen Enchanced_AI’s work.

Apart from the textures, the first one is good. The second one is meh.

This topic has been widely disputed.

In the first pic the soldier is posed really wierd, however the idea is good.
The second picture is… um… random?

First one is funny, but the second one is kinda ugly, angle doesnt help the idea.
Nice posing anyway :slight_smile:

Is there a way you could make the soldiers skirt flexible like the medic’s cape? I can’t do any good poses with this doll because his legs keep on clipping through the uniform.

the flame in the first stands out too much

Enhanced :eng101:

Nice pictures.

The first picture seems like something the Soldier would do. :v:

Heh, good idea.