Explosives help.

Hey guys I was just wondering how many explosive charges does it take to break metal walls/doors.

2 for metal door

2-3 wood wall

3-4 metal wall

also i think the more shit you have behind the wall the more c4 you have to use

it absorbs the dmg of the c4 i think

Metal doors needs 2, directly in the middle of the door.

I also would like to know what can be broken. I think everything?

Im sorry for the stupid question but, is explosive
charge the c4 or is c4 and explosive charge 2 seperate items?

explosives are the ingredient to make c4

c4 is the acutal charge you place and it explodes


This is a Tread with all the destroyable objects (that we know of now)

And C4 is in the game called as Explosive Charge
So yeah they are the same