As of the current patch, are explosives only in airdrops?

Yes I have only found them in air drops. Maybe off a zombie but highly doubt it.

you can still learn it if you know someone with a explosive. then you can get the mats to make them.

To clarify… as of previous patch, I received explosives off of a zombie.

As of this patch: TBD. Desync affects me being able to play at all.

Explosives are just in airdrops I think. Charges can still be found in lootboxes, zombies and airdrops.

Last patch I got them off a zombie, but idk about this one

Explosives (white goo) = Just Airdrops.
Explosive Charges = zombies, airdrops, and lootboxes.

Explosives are used to craft the Explosive Charges. Clarify what you’re talking about because the word you’re using implies Explosives, but in context it seems you mean charges.

I’ve never seen Explosives drop on a zombie or in a box.