export in vmf file

could you help me solve this error please??

Do what it says: make the map smaller.

My guess is you fucked up with the scale in Sketchup, so the map on-screen actually appears a lot smaller than it is.

the problem remains … now is very smaller

Work in Hammer?

I assume that means there are too many brushes.

just map it in hammer, it doesn’t look very complicated what you’re trying to export.

Try making a single block in Sketchup and try porting that.


Broke ma’ automerge :mad:

It’s exporting everything as one brush with a few thousand vertices. This is what’s preventing me from porting a whole bunch of Halo maps…

I I didn’t used a 3D box e 2D box, some problem?

You should always have a skybox if you can look outside a structure or anything