Export models from new Games

Hello I’m new! Someone redirected me to you for ask this. I hope you can help me!
I’ve seen on the web, after a lot of research, that is possible export models from games. There are software, scripts and others.
But when you search how to rip/export models from recent games ( Like the new Call of Duty out some weeks ago) you found nothing and the programs that works on past version don’t works for this. I wasn’t able to found something that can do it. The last was realesed in 2013, and in the while games are changed a lot so probably that’s why they don’t work.
I have seen that someone exported models from Call of Duty Ghosts, the models are the same in everyvideo I’ve seen so someone have do it, but I couldn’t go back to the creator of them.
Maybe an unknow software? Idk

If someone can tell me programs that can do it, or maybe how to extract models from .PAK , .FF format files I’ll be alot grateful :slight_smile: Also professional programs that can do them (maybe is a stupid example but a one like programs for develope games, im not a programmer so i don’t know how they works).
Also suggestions are appreciated, thank’s to all!

Research before posting "plz gib tools for modelz where i dl plzz?"

A simple GOOGLE search will bring you this site

I know this but that’s only for old games. Also Ninja Ripper, 3D Ripper DX i know but the latest version of them is in 2012-2013. I was wondering if there are others if someone extracted CoD ghost models

Lime/Lemon works up to CoD Ghosts.
The maker of the program(s) (Tom) is currently working on updating it to work with CoD:AW, so be patient.

oh ok thank’s