Export Skyrim Model's To Garry's Mod.

Hello all, I am known as Ace on several Half-Life 2 role play communities and I have been a role player on the Garry’s Mod community for three to four years now. I am getting really bored of Half-Life 2 role play and so are many others, it is basic and repetitive. I am a big fan of the Bethesda gaming company and wish to take one of its legendary games into a Garry’s Mod role play server, this would be known as Skyrim. It would be really awesome if I could have some models, weapons, armours, props and usable items into Garry’s Mod. Please contact me over Steam if you wish to know more of this, because I think this would be a jaw dropping change to the Garry’s Mod role playing community for a long time.

we have a search button you know

Recommended for Skyrim roleplays: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=129340

Hope this helps! :eng101:

Glad to know he got the help he needed.