Export to Hammer

What’s the old console command to export prop data to hammer?

So I can quickly and easily decorate my map with props.

GMOD9 had the command via the ‘Q’ menu, and I forget what the actual console command was.

Map_edit and wc_update_entity?

Thanks, I think that will work.


Ok Actually that’s not working.

I’ve tried multiple things, but it keeps saying unknown command in the console.


I know it was possible in gmod9.

And I would just use gmod9 but I need the ep2 props.

Are you sure that you have hammer open in the background? With the map unchanged since you compiled it?

The instructions say so, so I would assume so.

Try wc_update without the _entity?

It still says that it’s not recognized as a command.

I have hammer open, I have gmod in a window as well.

And when I open it in map_edit, I can only play nodes, and I can’t press any other keys or even use the physgun.

And when I do that I manage to spawn an entity, I try the wc_update_entity stuff it still doesn’t recognize it in console.

Maybe I’ll post somewhere else and hope garry will add this feature back in, due to it’s epic usefulness.



Note: In the Orange Box, wc_update_entity has been discontinued and replaced by hammer_update_entity, which seems to work in an identical fashion.