Export to hammer!

Garry, why did you take out this awesome feature? It’s REALLY handy and saves alot of time in hammer! I just had to install Gmod9 but it doesn’t work on ropes and stuff ;-( Please re create it for Gmod10

With kind regards

Yes. I agree. We need this.

Do what with what now?

In the older gmod 9 there was this feature in the Q menu, and if you placed some props in your maps, and have your map open in hammer, you could click Export to Hammer, it would bring all the props to it and all other kinds of stuff.

They have something almost exactly like this… you can weld everything together, then export to a VMF file, i forgot where it was, i’ll try to look.

Yes, please make this, ropes, constraints, buttons, and props are a pain in the ass in hammer.