Exporting a model as a map into Hammer

Hello, I’m attempting to port WoW maps into Source as Garry’s Mod and Source Filmmaker maps. The problem is that the map data I have from WoW is in a model form and compiling it into a model is not possible due of the 25 materials Source limit.


I already tried using Wallworm model tools but all I got was this when loading the VMF into Hammer


And it would instantly crash when I pressed no

What I should do at this point?

Break the model up into smaler sections and export as multiple models or multiple vmf then copy paste from one vmf to another until the brush work is complete

I tried the multiple VMFs but no matter what I do, the file ends up being empty


You need to break the model up into separate sealed convex blocks to be able to export it as brush geometry.

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Honestly you’d be better off subdividing it a bit, compiling it as a static model and using vertex lighting OR just compiling it as a reference and remaking it manually.

Well thanks for the input. I’ll make it into a model then seeing as there’s no other way.

You can’t just export any object as a VMF. Although you can accomplish what you are trying, it’s not as simple as opening any model and exporting. The same rules for brush geometry apply in Max as they do inside Hammer. So if the model isn’t broken into convex Elements with no coplanar polygons, it won’t be valid. And if you do break it up correctly, you need to tag the object as a Concave Brush in the Level Design sub-menu.

For simple models, the ShellVex plugin can often convert models into brushes. But extremely complex things will still need a lot of work.