Exporting an animated model from maya

edit- i’m working under the suspicion that no one has replied on account of the boring retarded stick model i used to demonstrate, what i actually want to use this for is to make a amnesia style lamp viewmodel


I’m trying to export some basic animations in from maya 2011 but the bones don’t seem to export properly, the answer is probably really simple but here is what i did to export it and compile it:

made a basic model with 3 bones, and animated it bending left and back to the centre, i used a rigid bind to bind the skin

i placed the bones on the reference layer with the model, i set up 2 sequences in the smd exporter theses where my settings

here is my QC

once i compiled it when i opened it in the model viewer the animations don’t work and none of the bones i made show up, only some random one named the same as the cube

I’m fairly new at this so i really have no idea what is causing this, i think I’ve probably missed a step somewhere but i can’t find any good tutorials on this.
-is there a specific naming convention i need to follow to get the bones to export
-do the bones need to be on a separate layer or do they go on reference as well
-is there a specific way i need to skin the model to get that to carry over