Exporting Animations out of SFM into a model to be used in L4D2?

I’ve created a nice animation for Nick in an SFM sequence and I’d like to export it into his model and use it for L4D2 outside of SFM. Is this possible?

I don’t think so.

I think Source Filmmaker has some method of exporting DMX animations as animation .mdl’s.

If so, and if they’re of the same form as those that Valve uses, then you can recompile Nick to include those animation .mdl’s.

However, in the process, at least to my knowledge, you will destroy his Faceposing. The only way I know how to decompile L4D2 models is using an older version of Cannonfodder’s decompiler, which doesn’t decompile faceposing. So you’d be able to (maybe) get the animation, but you’ll lose faceposing.

You can rebuild the faceposing manually by using 3D Ripper DX and the model-viewer, and manually rebuilding the VTAs, but that’s a decent amount of work - especially for someone who hasn’t done much with creating VTAs.

Faceposing is not an issue as it’s a headhacked model of nick anyways.

Anyways I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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Seems like Blender 2.5 has a .dmx importer. That may work?

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Another edit: doesn’t appear to work as the DMX tool doesn’t recognize the .dmx outputted is an animation only file. And I don’t see an option in SFM to export to .mdl.

Well, the “addtf2item” menu is easy enough.