'exporting' HL2E2 Maps..


so i want to “export” maps from HL2E2,E1 and Portal, into my SMOD Redux folder (a hl2 modification).

However, im unable to find the maps at all, like “ep1_c17_02.bsp”.

i’m new to this, and im not sure how to make this work. I do own a legit steam version of all the games, so is there some place where i can download these maps ?

Also, how does the “new” garrysmod.org work? I haven’t been playing GMOD for about one year, and now when i visit the site to download a few maps, you are supposed to connect your steam account to the site?
Correct me if im wrong. Im not really sure how it works, really does sound like a scam tho.

It’s not a scam you sign in with your steam account.

Open up the gcf files inside of your steam\steamapps folder with gcfscape and extract them to your smod folder. You will probably need to do the same for materials and models.

You will find the maps in the GCF’s in your steamapps folder. To open them, you will need GCFscape.

You need to get
Open the program and go to ur steamapps folder in steam. then open the .gcf files that seems to fit. In gcf scape it will display the files as if it were a normal folder. find the files you want then right click on them and hit “Extract” then place them in ur smod’s maps folder

Fixed the GCFscape. Really easy. Thanks (=