Exporting Luigi's Mansion's exterior? (.obj model)

So, some may have noticed that I’m working on fully recreating Luigi’s Mansion for the Source engine, and my goal is to make it as authentic as I can.

Many of the custom content seen in the foyer is made out of brushwork and ran through propper, with exception of the chandelier and candlesticks. (Which I’m hoping for my brother to finish sometime…)
Keep in mind though the map is not finished yet.

Hammer can do a lot, but unfortunately it is unable to process the complexer shapes of the mansion’s exterior.

Googling around however,I stumbled upon a model of the mansion’s exterior, and surrounding terrain.

So I was thinking to try and tear the building off its hill, save it in a blank file, and export it to the Source engine. However, this is easier said than done as both me and my brother don’t know how to export this.

So therefore I have to ask here, if I want to make this map nearing perfection.

I’ll be so extremely grateful if someone can do this.
For those who are curious: http://www.models-resource.com/download/7696/
If you like to do this, please PM me as I might lose track of the thread out of the blue.

Thanks in advance.

i was interest THIS! to be on Source engine. i don’t know how to map on Source though, i think i might be help you a bit.
do you think should i just keep the building around then you make the hill yourself on Hammer?

Yeah, I basically just need the building itself, because if the full terrain would be done as well, I think issues will occur.
However, I don’t know if you can or want to export the the gate, and the trees on the mansion’s perimeter as separate models too? I can do the fencing with brushes. If you want to do this it would be really awesome.


Please add me on Steam if you like to further discuss this.

yes i can. i can split them and send it to you as .obj?

so, i’d like to add you, but i can’t find you.

Well the problem is Source doesn’t run models off .obj, they work with a variety of files.


You are known with exporting a obj to Source?

i see what you mean.
i can convert .obj to .mdl(s) just like i’m did it for ragdolls or props, though.

Alright, I’ve just sent you a friend request over Steam.

Can i ask you a question if you don’t mind.