Exporting Models In Blender

I need a little help with blender in exporting models for Gmod, I’ve tried looking on Google so don’t give me that shit. If someone could guide me through the process, or you have a tutorial that gets everything step-by-step that would be great too!


LAWL! What luck! I just got the hang of it tonight. I can help you with exporting the models into smd files and then compiling them. Just give me the info of where you’re at.

Using blender is tough, mostly because I think a lot of people on Facepunch use 3DS Max instead of Blender.

Did you import a pre-made model, or did you build one from scratch? I haven’t built a model from scratch yet, so there are some things that I don’t know that are necessary for porting those, but I can help you through most of the porting process and give you some tutorial pages I found.

Export options are under scene properties, the third tab from the left, with the thumbnail of a cylinder sphere and light. Just experiment around in there, it’s pretty easy.

Make sure you have the SMD tools installed.

Hi I have a model I need uploaded to steam too can someone help me