Exporting SMD's From 3ds Max And Compiling

Alright. I have a model in 3ds max just waiting to be made into an MDL.

I am using this SMD export plugin:

I successfully export into an SMD. I create the QC file:

$cd "C:\Users\Smoot\Desktop\Ships\abby"
$modelname "smoot\abby.mdl"
$cdmaterials "smoot\"

$scale 1
$surfaceprop "metal"

$sequence idle "abby.smd" fps 1

$collisionmodel "abby.smd" {
$mass 100.0
$inertia 1.00
$damping 0.00
$rotdamping 0.00

I compile it using GUIStudioMDL and it says it was successful.

Going in-game it spawns as the green ring effect marker:

Any help?

make sure you skinned your object to a bone.