Exporting .WAR with Umodel.

Ok, im trying to get some models from Gears of War, and most are fine because they are in .upk format.

But some models i want/need are in .war format. Umodel supports viewing them, in other words, i can see whats inside and i know what models are in it.

But when i try to export them, it says it cannot find the file. Anyone care to help?

The location of the file is c:\VRML\SPa.war

It is probably something like L4D’s content system where that file’s just an index of the actual models.


Thats the model open in Umodel, so it must be in there though?

Try replacing the .WAR with .PSK and use the ActorX Import script to get it in Max. That MIGHT work but I can’t guarantee it. Does Umodel label it as a Static Mesh (or Skeletal Mesh)? I’m presuming you’re using the GUI version of Umodel that someone made. If not I would recommend it.

PS: For animation sets, the format is .PSA.

Its a Static Mesh. Its says it there, JJ_Smesh.

And im not sure about that Psk thing, considering it isnt just the Tyro Pillar thats in there. It has more piece from the train.

I will try it though.


Ok, the .war files wont show up in the GUI version. I can open them if i drag them onto Umodel.exe though.


Maybe the Umodel forums are a good place to look. There’s bound to be discussion there about GoW porting.