Exposing Stratocorp - An Interactive Cyberpunk Adventure!

Well, I decided to do an interactive comic! The image doesn’t show full size on FP due to the resizing, right click and view the full image.


Turn himself in.

Sewers man.

Use imagebee and use for forums if you want it to be zoomed more and go with the sewers.

Take the sewers!

There are way too much interactive comics.

Of course C.

Sewers, of course.

The sewers. sounds like some zombies are coming :holy:

Cargo door.

Sewers it is!
Direct image link, since Facepunch resizes shit and Imagebee appears to be down. http://www.cubeupload.com/files/a60a00strato2.jpg


Grab the shovel, i wanna’ see some beat down!

Grab the shovel and beat that zombie down.

Slash off the zombie’s head with the sharp part of the shovel, matrix-style, by jumping off the rail and doing a gyrating slice.

Politely ask it to stop and offer it tea. If that doesn’t work, break its neck with the shovel.

A combination. Grab the shovel for later use and sprint the fuck out of there.

Grab the shovel, whack that zombie in the head, then sprint the fuck out of there.

Whack the zombie :v:

Make sweet tender love to the zombie.

Or shovel it.

Run da feck out of there.

run the fuck out of there