Expression 2 chip that kills anyone that owner wants

Owner says something like !pwn (name) and it kills them.
What’s the code for this e2 chip?

Not possible.

just get an E2 that lets you send props to attack people.

same effect, but with more fun sounds (the one I have makes screaming noises and makes props fly above your head when not in use :D)

There is no code to instantly kill anyone. You would have to make the E2 fly into the target or fire a turret.

That’s what I meant.
What’s the code?

applyForce, applyAngForce and applyOffsetForce

Expression 2 tutorials:
ApplyForce tutorial:
The wiki:

Those things are especially fun if the server has Anti-Noclip.

Also, if E2 ever gets a kill player function…well.

I made one for my server :stuck_out_tongue: But I also made it admin only.
This would work if you’re on my server and you’re admin.

@name Lol
@inputs Kill
@persist Target:entity
@trigger all
if (first()) {Target = findPlayerByName("Enter Name Here")}
if (Kill) {Target:kill()}

wats the command

Go away, you cant have an Expresion so you can go minge innocent servers.