Expression 2 errors!

I cant load ANY E2 chips without gmod luas pooping on me. what the heck should i do?

This did not need a poll.
Make sure you are using the latest SVN version of Wiremod. SVN Tutorial:
Make sure no other addons are conflicting with E2/Wiremod:

Pirate much?
Wire wont work on pirated versions of GMod

idiot, i dont have a pirated. I dident download.


i have the latest version AND updater.

The problem has been solved. Please delete this or lock this thread.

wold you be so kind as of telling us what did you do to fix it? so other people dont post the same thing

I Re installed E2.

You dont… install e2…

He probably got some cheap version from and claims its SVN.

Would never happen. I patrol Garry’s Mod for Wire.

You mean

They somehow managed to get PHX3 on the front page and garry didnt notice it for a week. (No, Not the spawnlist that there is now, The PHX3 by UberJockey or something)

I’ve seen PHX3 on the front for several weeks. Unfortunately, reporting it didn’t get rid of it.

No, I copeyed the code, Re made it, put it back in GMOD.
I am sorry, but this fix is not avalible for download. :fappery:

What? When was this, i need it!!!

See -_-

Get PHX3 and Wire through SVN.

I don’t want to use SVN.
I stick with Good o’

-snipity snop-


You NEED to get the WireSVN or get the batch file hidden on the WIREmod forums to keep up to date and stop the errors.

PHX, should be SVN’d but you can find an up-to-date download version somewhere.

Nevermind, ill try and find a non-SVN version of wiremod.

I have Linux, it won’t read Batch files.

There’s a Batch installer that’ll download WIREmod for you, sort of like SVN, but you don’t need a program, you can find it at the bottom of this page: