Expression 2 + MySQL/Oracle Exstension

I want to request an extension for Expression 2 that allows it to save and read from/to a MySQL database. Since I ->MAYBE<- change to Oracle some day, it would be nice with support for that too, not a part of my request though, not needed.
This would be really nice for saving data about specific players that you may have saved using an interface in the game. Like if you have a door for your house, where only specific people may enter, it would be annoying to have to reenter all the guys who may enter, everytime you join.
Yes, it’s a bad example.

I personally need this script for a casino, where it would be nice if all the players cash were saved. The casino is supposed to stay on the server all the time, even when I aint online. That means that if the server might crash or restart, people will lose their name on the highscore list and their money/playcash.