Expression 2 ruined Gmod.

Now there’s no reason to make a contraption using physics because people can just program the props to do whatever the fuck they want. Thrusters, wheels, all of it is completely useless now, and being a mingebag is easier now then ever. That, and people have been encouraged to use E2 because E1 is being discontinued, so you can’t just disable it.
Go ahead and correct me if I’m wrong about anything.

Well you don’t need to use it I guess, it’s still fun to make stuff with those tools.

I think things like E2 and WireMod in general are missing the point of GMod at its core - a physics sandbox. However, it’s still interesting to see how much the Source engine can be expanded upon. Personally, I’d have more respect for a contraption that was built with Source physics, but whether E2 is helping or hurting GMod is a matter of opinion.

You’re right about people using the E2, it has become popular lately. (maybe it’s because people has grown tired of the other things to do in gmod)

Just because they’re using the E2 doesn’t mean that you have to use it.

But I understand if it’s hard to find anyone building physics based contraptions. I know what it’s like. Most of my friends play world of warcraft and at school all they do is talk about world of warcraft. It’s hard to talk about anything at all when they’re just babbling on about armors, swords, quests, hordes and whatnot.

Though it sounds like you’re using the E2 yourself. Saying that it’s pointless to use anything at all but the E2.


I spend my time on creating stuff with lua stuff on my server. I have a few admins that does the same thing. We share and show off to eachothers and let other people join and do their e2 business. (actually there are more people who build physics based contraptions on my server, but they’re beginners.)

Wow why are you thinking everything is useless… it’s not like your stuff wont work if you don’t use e2, but you can make advanced stuff with wire. tell me how I’m going to make a wheel with calculation. all e2 does is calculation. It doesn’t ruin any of the physics.

I use E2 for a lot of stuff. It makes it much easier to build hovering contraptions and things I couldn’t have dreamed of doing with E1’s are now possible with E2s. This is just a natural progression. Get over it. If you can make stuff with E2s then it usually looks better and such because it doesn’t have to have 30 billion gates/rangers/gyroscopes on it, you just have a control board with some entity markers and 1 or 2 E2s. My only problem with E2 is when people release their fancy amazing code for making props fly around. Yeah, it was cool the first time, and then it just got really fucking annoying, it takes no skill, and people would just join my server to show off something they didn’t even make. That’s my only issue with E2.


Bunch of people on the server I administrate have taken over our server (few admins, mods) and all they do is E2. They rack up 120 hours a fortnight on the one server and get angry at us when we don’t do the same.

All I do when I join is see E2 everywhere. :/, where’s the imagination?

In the E2. You people really should appreciate what you can do with an E2. Just because they aren’t being creative with E2s doesn’t mean that E2s are bad. Hell without E2s, how do you know that they wouldn’t be building something uncreative without E2s. Honestly. Also, I am somewhat interested, could you perhaps give me the IP of the server in question?

E2 is just another expansion on what gmod can do, it keeps people playing. Eventually something new will come along or something that cannot be integrated into expression2. You wouldn’t keep playing an MMO if it did not update often.

GMod is a SANDBOX game, there’s no specific way it’s meant to be played. If you don’t like E2 then don’t use it.

Wire sux rofl

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Well in that case so are gamemodes like Fortwars, Noxious and Sassilization because you’re not building cars out of fridges. The point of GMod is to do whatever the hell you want.

Also Wiremod extends the physics sandbox by letting you create intelligent, automated contraptions. Even the E2 tank treads in the Contraptions forum still are part of the physics sandbox, because he’s using the physics to manipulate them and make the tank treads hover by themselves.

God, here we go again with the ‘Wiremod ruined my GMod’ shite. As I’ve said GMod is about doing what you want, if people are doing what they want then they’re doing it right.

E2 is actually rather interesting. It’s like programming your own robot and gives you the entertainment of scripting. while making it piss easy and simple to do.

How can you even say that, expression 2 opened a world of unlimited possibilities, all those contraptions you could not make without it, and even tough I only see people saying they hate wiremod / e2 when they do not know how to use it, tell me if I am wrong.

Are you saying it is bad that I don’t have to spawn a target finder set to a certain player (then respawn it when ever I need another specific person selected) and a beacon sensor just so I can target someone?

Are you saying it is bad that I don’t need to spawn 5 chips and a constant value, just set up a teleporter?

Are you saying it is bad that people now have other ways to move ships besides hoverballs and thrusters?

(these are some of the things I’ve found awesome about E2. people, fill free to add to this list)

Imo, expression 2 (or wire) has not really ruined gmod. it actually expands on what you can build. i mean, what if we still had the same old regular numpad stuff? wouldn’t you want to expand your horizions (sp?) and attempt something else but you couldn’t? There was just not enough tools to last that long. Plus, just because you use wire doesn’t make you not creative.

I mean seriously, how can you make a scanner that converts into a 3 dimensional hologram (only an example -.-) not creative? Sure it may be boring to you, because in your case it’s useless, but to others, its real interesting.

Well, I don’t know what else to say aside of the fact that wire and e2 have really actually just expanded our (mostly) creative minds to create much more technical things. And i think that as long as gmod lives, Wire will continue on with it (and e2).

But that’s just my opinion :v:

It’s not the matter it’s useless, it’s the mater that your usually giving a majority of mingebags the power to make every destructive contraption possible.

Now-a-days, their is a simple E2 code to crash servers and it’s usually used by 4/10 people who use E2 over normal wiremod tools. It’s for the simpliciy of saying don’t give retards chainguns.

Not considering those noobs are mostly kids who can’t learn expression 2…

I can imagine E2 being very exploitable.

But it gives even more possibility for people who are willing to use it for something more constructive. It’s worth having E2 in Wiremod, warts and all, and just don’t let people you don’t trust spawn E2s.

(Wire/PHX) ruined gmod thread

who cares? If your unhappy with certain mod or mods, then play offline. Wiremod and Exp 2 has added much to gmod. For the better.