Expression 2 ruined Gmod.

Which is why I use almost Vanilla GMod.

These X ruined Y threads really need to be a bannable thing, I am getting fed up of people bitching on a addon just because they either;

a) Cannot use it
b) Are too intolerant to learn it
c) Think it is taking away creativity.

Wire is fine, it has expanded what we can do with Garrysmod by giving us the option of true automation. It has allowed us to exploit the Source engine beyond what Garry allowed us, we are now capable of making a prop do what WE want it to do, not what the physics engine wants it to do.

Expression 2 then gave us a much neater way of doing these things, instead of this masive array of models and sprites, we can now make one single little model do all the work. Saving entity memory, lowering the model count, which will save the servers users from rendering a fuckton. And allowing us to make much faster running versions of a previous thing.

If you are going to bitch about wire, do so to your friends, as, to be honest, nobody here gives a shit about your opinion on something. No matter what it is. Much like nobody gives a shit about my opinion, or anybody else’s for that matter.

that’s called “lua”


Because you can obviously script a lua file, inject it into the server you are connected to, and make it affect the props you wish. without having FTP access, or restarting the server, or using a hack of sorts.

you don’t get it. gmod’s lua implementation is what allows wire and yourself to “exploit the source engine”, there’s nothing revolutionary or magical about it that garry didn’t allow.

Other than Wire allowing us to use the lua implementation more efficiently while running Garrysmod. I know we have addons aimed at modifying entities during runtime now. But before them, Wire was the only thing that allowed us to do that to a certain extent.

This is what I’m talking about.

Fixed. if you dont like E2 dont use it! Isnt it really easy? Also E2 is REALLY HELPFULL.You dont have to make 3 panels with 10 gates when you can use 1 E2.

The only thing E2 is useful for is for minimizing the amount of ents. The only thing it can’t do the job of is displayers and actualy props. Although THEORETICALLY it can only do what can already be done by other wire.

being able to use wire is nothing to be proud of. congrats you know how to use an inefficient 3d semi-flowgraph system used by whiny gay children.

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I remember the good old days with gmod 9 and vanilla props only. that was really fun times!

However, with the ever growing community and technology, gmod has gone beyond what anyone could imagine back then. Endless possibilities, a vast array of contraptions can now be built. I myself find Wiremod and E2 extremely useful and fun most of the time, but some days I like to build hilarious crap with vanilla props too! :v:

I find it easier to work with the maths/logic of a problem when it’s shown as a piece of code rather than a set of gates and chips.

I’m talking about E2 as opposed to E1. Yes, it’s great to use less chips, that’s what made E1 so great. But with people just copy and pasting shit off the internet and using that it’s really getting old. Now any idiot can make a controlled prop just by copy pasting something from some wiki. It’s stupid.

E2 should only have the features of E1, except with it’s new syntax.

I’ve been using the CPU chip instead of E2 because E2 can do “magic” things, like apply force vectors to physics props across the map, or spawn giant “holograms”. It makes so very little sense. Horrible.

Otherwise, E2 should be fixed to have the same mathematical features, however, it should ONLY retain the ability to do input/output in the form of wire values. No more magic target finding or force vectors. Fuck that.

I have not bothered to read the thread entirely. I am basically here to state my opinion on E2.

In my opinion, E2 should be used for color changing, calculations, chatbots and the like. IT SHOULD NOT be used as a propulsion source. true, you can make some pretty awesome stuff with applyGay(), but you could make the exact same stuff with thrusters. E2 is a glorified gate. it simply lets you do in one gate what you might have to do in 12 anyways.

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So Expression 2 is too easy to use?

For me, 90% of the fun with E2 is creating it, learning and just use my wit. The rest is doing the testing to see if it works :eng101:

Expression 2 gave an advanced meaning to players, but it can be abused, which is the bad part about it. It’s also hard for many to understand, but I don’t really see how it ruined anything.

I have to say I agree that I disagree with the principle of an E2 chip modifying outside conditions directly rather than computing a set of outputs to be passed onto components designed to interact with the environment. The latter is how I always work with E2s.

But adding applyForce() which you so unfortunately misspelt in your post, and I’d imagine the range of other functions that deal with entities, has let E2 become more than a chip (should you choose to implement these functions), and wander into the region of being a sort of homebrew SENT, where you can script the behaviour of an entity and then take it online to show your friends or whoever. I’d like to see someone try and use thrusters to make the tank treads.

I don’t at all think there’s anything E2 “shouldn’t” be used for.

I use Gyropod for moving my ships. But I then use E2 to spice it up (chat commands for certain options. like firing weapons, facing target, and doing barrel rolls).

I agree that the applyword here() functions are weird, especially for something that is really just meant to be all the other Gates (and a target finder) rolled into one