Expression to Expression

Hey, I’m wondering, can you get an expression chip and use it in an e2 chip? I have tried to do it and failed on every attempt. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can, with some editing. Paste it here, and We’ll convert it, and perhaps optimize it.

I’m trying make turret from a tutorial on YouTube, but I only have the e2 not the 1st one like some people. Besides, the tutorial was made a while ago so it may not work anyways. But heres the code:

name: Palidin
Input: Target
Output: Len Alarm

Line 1: Target == 1 -> Len = 11.5;
Line 2: Target !- 1 -> len = 1.75;
Line 3: Target == 1 -> Alarm 1;
Line 4: Target != 1 -> Alarm = 0;

@name Palidin
@inputs Target
@outputs Len Alarm
Len = (Target ? 11.5 : 1.75}
Alarm = sign(Target)

Right Parenthesis ()) missing, too close grouped equation at line 4, char 7. Thats what it says when I try to spawn it.

Oops, I’ve made a mistake. I’ve put a ‘’} instead of ‘)’ at the end of line 4.

ah ok thanks


it still says to close grouped equation


wait nvm it works, thanks so much.

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