[Expression2] - Engine Programming Help


Hello. I’ve been trying to get the hang of this e2 stuff for a while, and I could really use someone with a lot more knowledge than me to explain how this works. Now, one of my primary focuses in gmod is engine building. Using various tutorials on YT, I’ve managed to construct an engine with 32 pistons. Thus, the problem lies in getting it to work properly with e2. I imagine that I would determine the firing of each piston based on the rotation of the crankshaft, but apparently that’s much easier said than done. I have no idea how to convert the little knowledge I know on the angle and vector system in gmod into a working e2 engine chip. None of the examples I’ve seen from tutorials make any intuitive sense (and can only be used in their design anyways). All help is appreciated!

I’m not sure if there are many E2 users here on Facepunch. Even though the Wiremod forum is not that active, I’m sure you’ll have more luck there.